To foster deeper connections with linemen, Quanta Services established a partnership with Ryan Lucas, a seasoned professional in the field. This collaboration was formed to elevate awareness of the significance of electrical craftsmanship. A podcast was born and a brand needed to be established that combined both of their personalities. Beyond just a logo, they wanted a brand that listeners would relate to.

Quanta Services teamed up with this veteran lineman named Ryan Lucas to help people understand how important electrical work is. They started a podcast and needed a brand that would set them apart. It had to be more than just a logo; they wanted something that listeners could connect with on a personal level. 

After exploring various logo concepts, the team settled on a striking skull emblem. Integrating a cohesive color palette, patterns, and typography with the skull brought this brand to life in diverse applications. The consistent visual identity extended across web design, social media platforms, apparel, and even set design, creating a cohesive and impactful brand experience.
ROLE: Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Interaction Design
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