CarePredict is at the forefront of home healthcare technology, revolutionizing the way families care for their elderly loved ones. With the help of a wearable device, individuals can now monitor their loved ones' daily activities, ensuring their well-being and happiness. By collecting valuable data from this device, customers gain insights into their loved ones' lifestyle patterns, allowing them to identify potential issues such as poor eating habits, lack of sleep, or excessive time spent in certain areas.

To introduce this groundbreaking product to the world, CarePredict required an exceptional product landing page that effectively showcased its features and benefits. As the UX/UI Designer and Art Director, my role was pivotal in establishing a cohesive brand narrative. This involved collaborating closely with a skilled copywriter to define the brand's unique voice and developing a visual style guide to guide the art direction of imagery. Through meticulous wireframing and UI design mockups, I strategically planned the interactions and functionality of the page design. Finally, this vision was brought to life through customized development, resulting in an impactful and engaging landing page.

Role: UX/UI Design & Art Direction @ Voltage Ad​​​​​​​
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